Ideefix. Since 2008.

Since 2008 we've been working with the most amazing experts and purpose-driven organizations across the country. Each challenge we work on, we make sure our teams are dynamic, specialised and multidisciplinary. We work with clear cut goals and always make sure we know why we do what we do.

Do you want to know what we've been up to the last decennia? Take a look at some of the grand challenges we worked on.

Imprisonment & Reintegration 


Each year the Ministry of Justice & Safety releases 30.000+ prisoners. How can these prisoners prepare themselves effectively for the emotional and social challenges, once they are released? 


In collaboration with the Ministry of Justice & Safety, experience experts and a team specialised in learning & development we researched the most daring challenges prisoners face once they get released. We converted this research into a theatershow, a practical handbook for effective self-development and a additional training program for professionals to facilitate self improvement.


110 shows with 10.000+ visitors.

30 additional training programs.  

Implementation of our practical handbook for effective self

development inside the justice system.

Implementation of our learning methodology to learn how to facilitate self-improvement inside the justice system.

Preventive solutions for organisations absenteeism problems


Billions of euro's are lost every year due to absence problems. Millions are people dealing with stress-related issues. The Netherlands is struggling to tackle stress, burn-out and absenteeism inside their organizations. In collaboration with the European Institute and Institute Gak we asked ourselves the following question: How can we help the HR industry to transform their policy from a curative approach to a preventive approach in dealing with their absenteeism issues? 


We build a multidisciplinary team of specialists in the fields of neurobiology, positive psychology, system sciences, software, data and stress-counseling and researched how individuals, teams and organizations build a effective coping-mechanism against stressors so they can live and work vital and become stress-resistant in the long term.


We delivered a scientific proven intervention and methodology for individuals and organisations to lower their absenteeism and transform their companies into vital and stress-resistant cultures. Let our work speak for itself. Our work resulted in:


* A average of  2.5% reduction of absenteeism.

* Has a average of 40% increase in vitality on individuals.

* Has a avarage of 55% increase in stress-resistancy on teams.

* Gets a avarage of 95% adaptation inside of organisations.

Our work in this field has been so succesful that the board of directors of The Ideefix Foundation decided to license the Intellectual Property to a company build specially to continue the the foundation their mission: No more burn-outs in the Netherlands. 

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Preventive solutions for today's burn-out epedemic between the age of 18-25 years


Data shows that burn-out and stress-related illnesses under young people (18-25 years) is increasing. One out of 4 promovendi is burn-out. Because of the fast changing social and psychological development of young people and the grand challenge to build a prevention that is successful in the adaptation proces, we partnered up with some of the best specialised in the field. Ideefix, TNO & a consortium of high schools teamed up to develop specialised solutions for today's burn-out for youths. 


In 2020 we will organise events called 'Design Your Life'. 500+ students from around the country will attend each event to work for two days on solving so called 'minimal viable products' that are effective in adressing important issues young people are dealing with regarding stress. The winning idea's at these event will be further developed and brought to market. 


Coming soon

Awareness Campaign for better healthcare around psychoses


An estimated 3.000 people each year between the age of 15 and 45 year deals with the hard to cure mental illness psychoses. Because of the complexity of the cure, our team researched the symptoms in the early stage of developing a psychosis. This research we converted in to a national awareness campaign where we promoted our research through seminars, national media outlets, a television documentary and through the publishing of a non-fiction self-help book. 


We started out with bringing experienced experts together and researching the early symptoms of a psychoses. Together with media experts, filmmakers and campaign experts we converted this research in to a full media campaign, specialised seminars for professionals and a non-fiction book. While working we always kept our focus on the why: share the early symptoms of psychoses to stakeholders so more prevention can be done. 


From 2014 till 2016 we toured the country with our campaign resulting in:


* 85 seminars for 8.500+ professionals.

* 1.000.000+ viewers of our documentary.

* 20.000 downloads of our self-help book.  

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