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Do you want to make an impact? Do you have a vision in solving today's grand challenges? Do you have a organizational or societal issue, challenge or idea that can make an impact?  Do you see a market-opportunity you would like to address?  Does you or your organisation need help in doing proper research and getting to a solution? Do you need assistance in implementing your solution by bringing it to market? The Ideefix Foundation is your partner in taking action when it comes to solving societal issues. Our team can help with the following services:


Go from vision to solution. Let us assist you in doing deep research and developing a market orientated solution. 


We promise impact and results. We facilitate the implementation process to make sure the impact is been made. 


Create awareness, change perspectives, get attention so your solution get's notice. 


Great idea's deserve to get funded. Make sure you have the capacity to make a change in society. 

How we get from vision to change 


To make sure we get from vision to results, we make sure we set clear cut goals that inspire, motivate and are realistic. 


Whatever it takes. Together we co-create solutions, do market research, test, develop and bite through the difficult obstacles in working towards an effective solution. 


Together we make sure your solution get's to market. Here is where the real hard work has to be done. With strategic partnerships, smart campaigning and the right processes we make sure societal issues get solved. 


If you can measure it, you can improve it. That's why we make sure our impact is monitored. With the right results, the right traction and the right support we will continue making impact.


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