Co-Creating Social Value

Creative Research & Development

At the Ideefix Foundation we like to tackle problems that nobody else tackles. We are an independent and objective research & development partner that is not intimidated by the duration and complexity of today’s social challenges. We address systemic social problems that no one else sees or dares to address and use creative and scientific approaches in solving today's grand challenges. 

The Ideefix Foundation finances research for social issues and develops and tests sustainable solutions. We guarantee the impact of our solutions by bringing them to market. The Ideefix Foundation is active in the domains of education, culture, government and healthcare.

We work with one sole purpose in mind: to add value to society.


What we do

The Ideefix Foundation is developing solutions for today's grand societal challenges with a focus on effective practicability.


We listen, follow trends, do market research and share knowledge.


We convert research into sustainable solutions through smart development.


We carefully test our solutions in the market for maximum results and adaptibility.


We guarantee the impact of our solutions by bringing them to market.




Using highly effective methods including storytelling, experienced learning, discussion and training during the development of market-solutions in the educational sector.   


Improving health and making healthcare more effective by developing preventive solutions for healthcare professionals and organisations.  

Art & Culture

Empowering society and creating awareness through film, theatre and cultural programmes. 


Assisting government organizations to connect, lead and become future proof through research, training and learning- & development frameworks.

Business Case |

Imprisonment & Reintegration 


Each year the Ministry of Justice & Safety releases 30.000+ prisoners. How can these prisoners prepare themselves effectively for the emotional and social challenges once they are released? 


In collaboration with the Ministry of Justice and Safety, people who speak from experience and a team specialised in learning & development, we researched the most difficult challenges prisoners face after their release. We translated this research into a theatre show, a practical handbook for effective self-development and an additional training programme for professionals to facilitate self-improvement.


110 shows with 10.000+ visitors.

30 additional training programmes.  

Implementation of our practical handbook for effective self

development within the justice system.

Implementation of our learning methodology to learn how to facilitate self-improvement within the justice system.


Driven by Purpose

Born in a world where we as a generation are more purpose-driven than ever before, we aim for higher goals in life. We are not driven by money, publicity or social status, but by the mission to change the world.

We believe that an organisation can only achieve long-term success if it's purpose-driven. We strive to create long-lasting engagement and impact to tackle the most difficult challenges on the planet.

Ideefix was born to do just that.


We believe the 21st century will be led by those who create the most social value.


The Ideefix Foundation

A proactive and independent foundation that focuses on solving social issues.

We work in a result-oriented and decisive way based on an integral, creative and scientific perspective.

Daniel Krikke

Managing Director

Pim Croiset van Uchelen


Boudewijn Oranje


Paul van den Wildenberg


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